We are proud of our "SBB Erkend Leerbedrijf voor het MBO"
DG Packaging expert coaching for MBO Traineeships

Having a high level of expertise and tons of knowledge in the sector: training, consulting and documenting dangerous goods for all transport modalities, fuels the trust of our trainees

DG Packaging is an SBB recognized training company

We believe that being an 'Approved training company' (Erkend Leerbedrijfs MBO) is a title to be proud of.

The "Samenwerkingsorganisatie Beroepsonderwijs Bedrijfsleven" (hereinafter: SBB) connects vocational education and business on a national, sectoral and regional level and since 1 August 2015 there is one national logo for all recognized training companies.

This logo on our front door shows that DG Packaging trains MBO students.

The benefits of this collaboration of vocational education and industry has two goals:

1. In this way, students receive the best practical training with the prospect of a job.

2. Companies now and in the future will have the professionals they so desperately need.

The SBB has recently joined DG Packaging in Oude Meer as a recognized training company in accordance with Article 7.2.10, paragraph 1 of the Adult and Vocational Education Act (Wet educatie en beroepsonderwijs). Due to this recognition, DG Packaging is authorized to offer internships and apprenticeships provide for secondary vocational education.

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Dangerous goods is serious business were we take preventious care of your precious goods and transports.

We work with the Dutch customs
Excellent working relationship