Our consultancy


  • DR (Road)

  • RID (Rail)

  • IMDG (Water)

  • AEO (Authorized Economic Operator)

  • Regulated Agent (Approved Air Cargo Agent)

Consultancy & Safety Excellence

Consultancy & Safety excellence contribution are the driving forces that have propelled us to the stage od global success. Our organization’s commitment to good corporate governance sets out several factors that involve ud going beyond what is required of us

We don’t do good, we do great!


Audits and Procedures will clarify your position and can improve your Safety Performance. Looking in the mirror will rarely result in disappointment…if you know what to expect. 

What if someone does not know what to expect?

DG Packaging can provide you all kinds of safety audits required. With a Team of Safety Advisors for all transport modalities, we can scan if there is any room for improvement in your safety procedures. 

In addition, i4Safety also creates procedures to minimize any risk involved in your operation.

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