UN 3480, Lithium Ion batteries/cells PI965 - Section IB


Each battery /cell must be protected against a short circuit and placed in an inner packaging that  completely encloses the battery /cell, then placed in a strong rigid outer packaging.

State of Charge (SoC) of the battery or cell must not exceed 30%.

Passenger airplanes:
Freight airplanes:
Max. net quantity per package: 10 kg

  • Shipper’s Declaration
  • Air Waybill statement(s)
    • "Dangerous Goods as per associated DGD"  or  "Dangerous Goods as per associated Shipper's Declaration" In the box "Handling information"
    • "Dangerous Goods as per associated DGD-CAO"  or  "Dangerous Goods as per associated Shipper's Declaration - CAO" In the box "Handling information" (Only when CAO has been chosen)

1. Labeling and Marking:
  • Klasse 9 – Lithium batteries
  • Cargo Aircraft Only
  • UN3480