DG Services

DGP has a dedicated team of professionals, offering you the highest possible level of service in the field of handling hazardous materials. We provide specialized packaging and/or transportation in accordance with IATA regulations.

DG Training

Choose from more than 50 logistics training programs

  • Various training locations across the country

  • In-company / customized

  • Expert and practice-oriented

DG Consultancy

Our consulting team advises, trains and guides our clients and their employees in implementation processes of shipping and storage of hazardous materials. These regulations are complex and often raise questions. 

Safety - Our First Priority !


We help you with...

Consultancy & Safety Excellence

Our Consultancy & Safety Excellence contribution are  the driving forces  that have propelled us to the stage of global success. Our organization's commitment to good corporate governance sets out several factors that involve us going beyond what is required of us.

We don't do good, we do great! By surpassing the compliance of local and international regulations we provide tailored solutions to each of our customers in the field of:

  • Logistics: We continuously and systematically develop our management and operational systems to improve our services.

  • Training: We provide training and knowledge dissemination programs to our organization's employees and the relevant stakeholders on a regular basis.

  • Services: We offer a range of services from Dangerous Goods Repackaging Services to In-house Dangerous Goods Safety Advisors.

  • Consultancy: We practice emergency preparedness and our response for emergency management.




  • Specialized packaging and transportation 

  • Biomedical, Biotech, Clinical and Pharmaceutical Industries

  • Temperature-Sensitive Packaging

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We provide a wide range of international certified (recurring) Safety training courses, online, on location and in-house and hybride to keep your professionals up-to-date.

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Our team of consultants advise, train and guide our customers and their employees through the execution process of shipping and storing dangerous goods. Making sure your legal responsibilities are met. Audit and risk assessments at customers premises may be required.

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  • Dangerous Goods Repackaging Services

  • Same day service inclusive of pickup and delivery

  • Dangerous Goods Packaging, Marking and Labelling

  • Preparation of documents as Dangerous Goods Declarations

  • On-site Repacking and Inspection Services

  • Dangerous Goods Local Pick-up and Delivery

  • International Transport of Dangerous Goods by Air

  • Decanting and Palletizing Services

  • Provision of Dry Ice & Gel Packs for Temperature Control

  • In-house Dangerous Goods Safety Advisors

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